Behind The Muse’s Veil

Hi, my name is Konstantin Domnitser. I’ve been awarded a COJECO BluePrint Fellowship grant, and this is the official blog accompanying the project.

The purpose of the project, titled “Behind The Muse’s Veil”, is to allow an audience to peer into the creative process of an artist working with Russian Jewish themes. The participating artists will create original works based on an inspirational source they find in Russian Jewish music. The participants will then translate this inspiration into their own work of art and document their progress on this blog.

Artists rarely speak in concrete terms on this process, so this is a demanding task on the artist. They must be both willing and able to let the audience in on a very private journey. For that we will celebrate them and their art. The culmination will be a one-night event where the artists present their works and speak about them, while additional entertainment and context is provided by live performances of the music that served as inspiration. This blog will remain as an artifact for anyone interested in understanding what goes on in an artists mind as they transform an idea into reality.


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